Last weekend, Grand Performances had many firsts! Friday, July 17, marked Grand Performances’ first theatrical performance of the 2015 season with The Last Jimmy: A Hip-Hop Musical whereas Saturday brought us our first full rain out sine the 1990s! Though the Ondatropica performance was cancelled on the WaterCourt stage, thunder and lightning didn’t stop their musical storm from pouring over Downtown. The men of Ondatropica played a lively surprise set down the hill at La Cita bar, continuing the Cumbia grooves (Special thanks to La Cita Bar, who worked with the band management to provide a last-minute, indoor stage).

Another first last weekend was our first Music Movement Meaning (MMM) discussion after The Last Jimmy. Although we hope every show leaves the audience excited to talk about what they just experienced, our MMM’s gives audiences the chance to engage with one another and talk about the content and express their reactions of the show. Grand Performances is proud to bring Angelenos socially-relevant, thought-provoking content like The Last Jimmy, which was created to transform the thinking and self-perception of young African American men and women about our inner city and hip-hop culture. The 40+ minute MMM proved that our audiences were engaged in the message, and eager to participate in discussions about issues of history, social justice, and prison reform.

Rain or shine it was another great weekend at Grand Performances!!!