Written by Robin Miller, Producer of Soy Cubana


We are so excited about our amazing collaboration with Grand Performances in bringing the Vocal Vidas, an a cappella quartet from Santiago de Cuba to the United States for their first time.  They are the subject of our award winning short documentary, Soy Cubana.  It has been a long and crazy process making this happen, from getting their paperwork submitted, obtaining support from our Congressman, finding lodging, and most of all, securing their visas!

Believe it or not, we had them booked on a flight to LAX but did not know if they would make it due to the visa process. With less than 24 hours before their flight, they had their US Embassy interviews in Havana and got their visas!   Truly a dream come true for them! So far in LA, they have moved audiences at Mambo’s Cafe, Vibrato Grill and a surprise pick-up performance at LACMA during a Latin Jazz show last Saturday. And the BIG magical night will occur for them on August 11 at Grand Performances where they will be the opening act, followed by the fantastic Septeto Santiaguero! We are continuing to film the documentary Soy Cubana about their amazing journey. I invite you all to come see them and see why I have been captivated by this enchanting quartet.

Read more about the Vocal Vidas below:

Winners of the 2016 CUBADISCO Award for best vocal group, the Vocal Vidas are a female a cappella quartet from Santiago de Cuba – the cradle of Afro-Cuban music. Their infectious spirit, precise vocal harmonies, and a melting pot of references embody the sounds of Cuba. In April 2017, the Vocal Vidas launched their first album on the Egrem label in Cuba. They are elated to be making their first visit to the United States to perform in Los Angeles. In 2016, they were the subject of the award winning short documentary, Soy Cubana.

The Vocals Vidas have had extensive musical training in Cuba. In a country in which artistic training and support are available to those who have potential, where individuals with talent are able to achieve in their field, the Vidas are able to work as full-time musicians. The government provides housing, health care, and a monthly income. At the same time, difficulties of life in Cuba, from shortages of material goods to scarcity consistent internet and even electricity, inform their daily lives.

A very GRAND THANK YOU to the people who helped support getting the Vocal Vidas to Grand Performances’ stage.

Laura & Harvey Alpert
Miles & Joni Benickes
Natalie & David Bergeson
Iona & Peter Tompkins

Mary Hepburn

Jim Blechman
Carlos Dell’Acqua
Mitzi & Harry Glassman
Steven Sanders & Madelyn Simon
Stuart & Moira Tenzer