By Erin Kulinski

A picture is worth a thousand words and in our social media driven lives, this speaks louder than ever. We all are professional photographers according to Instagram and it’s so easy to find the right spots to get the most likes, whether it’s just you, your friends, or even just an amazing view. California plaza has more to offer than being home to the Grand Performances’ summer concerts series. It’s open year round and is buzzing with opportunities for you to showcase your creative side. So why don’t we be your tour guide around the plaza and show you a few of our favorite spots!


First up are the sculptures! Gather up your friends and take a spontaneous group shot or choose your favorite angle and just capture their uniqueness.

Angels Flight is one of our favorite spots around the Plaza, so of course it would end up being Instagram worthy! Use the orange walls of the building to create a clean background or snag a group shot with Downtown as your backdrop. Don’t forget to take a ride while you’re there!

The archways are next up! Not only do they help add dimension to your shot, but they also add some fun to your group pic by messing with different distances and poses.

The plants around the plaza can be one of your greatest sources of inspiration! Use the greenery to show off your drink of choice or let it be the background for your simple candids.

Everyone loves a great view and we’ve got some pretty awesome ones. Add that with a clear, blue L.A. sky and you can’t go wrong with these classic shots!

Stairs are something the Plaza isn’t short of! Round up your friends and play with the levels of the steps in our amphitheater or capture a candid at the steps beside the main stage.

So grab your friends, get your phone ready, and go create some memories at California Plaza! Don’t forget to tag us @Grandperfs #GrandPerformances!