Grand Performances is pleased to announce a generous contribution of $30,000 on the occasion of our 30th Anniversary from Metabolic Studio.

This gift resonates profoundly with our organization, as the work that Lauren Bon and the Metabolic Studio have embarked on for decades has reflected the best of humanity and the power of transforming resources into energy, actions and outcomes.

“Lauren and her team have a history of taking on adventurous projects. We are so proud they have chosen to recognize Grand Performances and support our efforts to expand public involvement in the arts.” said Executive Director Michael Alexander.

To join Metabolic Studio in recognizing GP in this milestone year, please visit or call Christie Lesinski at 213-687-2272.

About the Metabolic Studio 
Led by Lauren Bon, the Metabolic Studio is a conduit by which resources that would otherwise be used to maintain the status quo are employed to shift it. Derived from the Greek word for change, ‘metabolism’ is the process that maintains life. In continuous cycles of creation and destruction, metabolism transforms nutrients into energy and matter. Working to sustain these cycles, the Metabolic Studio transforms resources into energy, actions and objects that nurture life.