The weather isn’t the only thing heating up this summer. Change is in the air and its waiting to be heard! Los Angeles communities and artist are speaking up through the power of music. WATTS50 is an evening of socially conscious rap and hip hop, curated by Lyricist Lounge in recognition of the 1965 events in South Los Angeles. This performance is the second installment of Grand Performances’ Aftershocks series commemorating the Watts uprising and music festival. “Lyricist Lounge is honored to be a part of the 50th anniversary of the Watts Rebellion,” says Lyricist Lounge co-founder and Watts50 host Ant Marshall, “Although we aren’t old enough to remember the day, we are well aware that the circumstances that lead to the uprising still exist today.  For that reason, we are dedicated to highlighting the story of the Watts Rebellion so the next generation can learn from this historical day.”

Grand Performances is partnering with Pacifica Radio Archives, SAG AFTRA, KPFK and more to provide live recordings as source materials for the show as well as pre-show discussions of the events that took place 30 years ago. Overall WATTS50 exemplifies how music, dialogue, and community celebration help us address racism in our city and nation.

The evening will feature appearances from special broadcasters discussing the historic events throughout the show, including Dave Lopez (CBS), Beverly White (NBS) and Margaret Prescod (KPFK Pacfica), courtesy of SAG-AFTRA.