Why here, why now? Explore upcoming events La Linea (7/28) and No Side Now (8/4) with Director of Programming Leigh Ann Hahn in conversation with our summer intern Hanna Rassouli.

Hanna: Hey Leigh Ann, Grand Performances’ 2017 summer season has gotten off to a great start, don’t you think? We’re about halfway through, but there are so many more great performances to look forward to. Is there anything you want our audiences to know about our upcoming shows?

Leigh Ann: We have quite a few shows coming up in the next couple weeks, but I’m particularly excited about La Linea and No Side Now. La Linea is pretty special — it’s a sound and movement collection of stories about everyday life on the border, which is very relevant at this moment in time. La Linea tells the stories of people who live their lives with one foot in Mexico and the other in the United States, and it creates a discourse for this very fluid lifestyle through music. The people who live on the border see it as less of a boundary, although it is very much a physical, psychological, and political boundary.

Hanna: Wow, that sounds really interesting! I’m all for using music as a medium to discuss topics like these. I think it’ll be great to have a firsthand account of life on the border since much of what we hear about it stems from U.S. politics. What made you think La Linea would be a good fit for our GP audiences?

Leigh Ann: Roberto Mendoza (a founding member of the pioneering Tijuana arts collective, The Nortec Collective) composed the wonderful soundtrack for the work and for me, much of the pleasure of a dance performance is determined by the music. I think too, that in this political moment, it’s important to remind ourselves that we are bound by the day-to-day experiences that link us as humans. La Linea tells the story of human emotions and experiences — it takes something unfamiliar (like living on the border) and tells the story in a very relatable manner.

Hanna: That sounds amazing! I’m really glad GP has the capacity to include unique shows like La Linea. You also mentioned No Side Now earlier, what did you want our audiences to know about that show?

Leigh Ann: No Side Now is a mixed program of new experimental dance. Our audience is in for a treat. George Lugg (Los Angeles Performance Practice) has assembled a program featuring four L.A based choreographers that celebrate the way that dance helps us see the world about us. The inspiring combination of dance and performance art that is informed by, and draws upon movement from street dance, studio practices, girlhood games and more.

Hanna: Now I don’t know which show I’m looking forward to the most! Both La Linea and No Side Now cover such different yet relevant topics, and I think our audiences will really love these shows and the rest of our 2017 season lineup. I’m so glad I’m an intern — I get to attend every show.