Notice anything different? We’re excited to show you the brand new Grand Performances website. Here’s the before and after…



Big changes, huh? The talented team over at Dream Warrior helped us build our new site and we can’t thank them enough. We wanted to be a place where you could explore and discover your next favorite artist. On the homepage and in the upcoming events sections you can sort by genre, series and even bike valet. For instance, if you love cumbia music, check that box off and you’ll get all of our cumbia related concerts (see you at Puerto Candelaria, party people!).

Overall we’re hoping this sparkly site shows off the Grand Performances experience a little more and is of course, easy to navigate. So, take a look around and leave us a comment below. We’d love to know what you think.

PS. Apologies in advance if the site is a little wonky. We just launched it today and are working out some of the kinks.