With profound appreciation, Grand Performances facilitated our Director’s Council members on Sunday, March 8th for an exceptional assembling in the underground dining spot KTCHN 105. Members appreciated sweet and sour cocktails naturally arranged by GP’s Director of Programming Leigh Ann Hahn, and South African wines combined with a remarkable 5-course dinner by Executive Chef Felix Barron from KTCHNLA. The menu included a Chicharron de Queso salad, Lavash and Snap Pea Harrissa, Preserved Lemon Lentil Soup with Krispy Kale, Apple Wood Smoked Monkfish with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Wilted Spinach, and the excellent finale Blue Berry Cobbler with Malted Bread Ice Cream. After dessert visitors were dealt with to a sneak look presentation by one of our midyear artists (sorry, we can’t say who!).

Dispatched in 2013, The Director’s Council perceives those people who have made multi-year commitments in backing of our programs. They are moved by Grand Performances’ impact in the group, the differences on our stage, and in our crowd. Also, we celebrate them.

The Family of Mildred and Gary Alexander
Michael Becker*
Natalie and David Bergeson
The Elliott Family
The Feintech Family
Jennifer Fisher
Deborah Glusker
Victoria Kirsch and Michael Alexander
Jeff Brown and Brenda Miyamoto
Karen Molleson and Lowell Hill
Jon Neustadter
Karim Teymourtache

If you would like to learn more about our Director’s Council, please call Director of Development Christie Lesinski at 213-687-2272.