We’re kicking off the season with a Killer weekend.

The Gaslamp Killer Experience is gonna throw down with his 14-piece band and maybe even a special guest. If our Facebook RSVPs are any kind of indication, the plaza is gonna be packed this Friday.

Pro tip: Arrive early
California Plaza is two levels. The Upper Plaza and amphitheater will open at 5pm and the Lower Plaza at 6pm. $8 (cash only) special event rate parking in the California Plaza parking structure will start at 5pm. More info HERE.

Saturday is the first of our L.A. Aftershocks concerts- there are four in the series. The L.A. Aftershocks series focuses on the cultural aftershocks of the pivotal events in 1965 and 1992, exemplifying how music, dialogue, and community celebration can help us address racism in our city and nation.

Wattstax Revisited is going to celebrate the historic 1972 Wattstax concert that took place at the Coliseum in South L.A. where over 100k Black Angelenos attended. You can follow #wattstaxrevisited on Instagram and Twitter to learn more.


The Gaslamp Killer Experience
Friday, June 19 @ 8pm
– Bike valet on the Upper Plaza
California Pizza Kitchen and the Omni Grill selling on the Upper Plaza

Wattstax Revisited
Saturday, June 20 @ 8pm
– Bike valet on the Upper Plaza
Pez Cantina and the Omni Grill selling on the Upper Plaza