We are in the middle of our 2017 summer concert series, which means our interns are in the midst of finishing their first season at Grand Performances. We caught up with them and asked how the experience has been so far.

Marco Aguirre – Marketing Intern

“I can easily say that Grand Performances has been one of the best internships I have ever had. The staff welcomed me with open arms and I immediately felt like part of the GP family. I’d quickly find out that not only is Grand Performances more than just a summer concert series exploring diverse cultures through music, but also an opportunity to work alongside a diverse group of people with years of experience across many different industries. The people here challenged me to be the best version of myself that I could be. I’ve accomplished tasks, been allowed to attend meetings, as well as ask for my viewpoints, all things I thought I would never get to experience as an intern. That I am truly grateful for and look forward to continuing this relationship with Grand Performances.”

IBI Lagundoye – Artist Relations Intern 

“These past few weeks at GP have been filled with late nights, lunch meetings, staff meetings, which have been the highlight of my summer (even the meetings lol). As the artist relations intern most of my responsibilities include reaching out to artist management or the artists themselves to coordinate sales of merchandise, arrange air and ground transportation, and provide general support day of show. And that’s not even the half of it. In my time so far, I’ve definitely taken in the need to be hyper-aware and proactive on all fronts; just because a show is two or three weeks away doesn’t mean we should wait until a week before. Regardless, Grand Performances has been a great experience so far!”

Hanna Rassouli – Development Intern

“I’ve been here for just over a month now, and I’ve really been enjoying my time here at Grand Performances. I have gotten the chance to work closely with the rest of the development team on all sorts of things such as communicating with jewel members, navigating our database, and reaching out to possible sponsors. Administrative duties aside, I’m so grateful to GP for exposing me to so many rich cultures through music. There are few concert venues that offer such a wide variety of music from different ethnic backgrounds… and those that do typically aren’t free to the public! I applied to intern at Grand Performances because I strongly support the GP mission — I also believe that everyone should have access to performing arts, especially art that comes from underrepresented backgrounds. Each performance has been inspiring in its own way, and I particularly enjoyed Rahim Alhaj and Asher Shasho Levy’s music. It was incredibly refreshing to hear live Iraqi and Syrian music, as it isn’t something that much of the general public is exposed to on the daily. I hope that I am able to find a future career in a place as welcoming as Grand Performances to further channel and cultivate my artistic energy. Luckily I still have a month to go… Grand Performances has certainly colored my summer for the better.”