The GP 411: Supernova

GP has had Supernova on our stage before, but it's been quite some time since the ensemble has even played together. Before you see the quartet onstage Aug. 12, learn a little about Supernova through this quick interview with quartet member Jacob Szekely.

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The GP 411: LACO

LACO returns to the GP stage next week, this time with a string quartet rather than the full orchestra. We spoke briefly with executive director Scott Harrison about the upcoming program on Aug. 12 with Supernova.

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GP Family Connection: Urban Badlands

We sat down with Justin Jimenez--Urban Badlands curator and The Altons' general manager--for a behind-the-scenes look at our upcoming program. Justin started out as one of our GP family, interning in Artist Relations with Director of Programming Leigh Ann Hahn. We're delighted to have him back this year as he comes into his own, bringing Gemma Castro, The Altons, and The Steady 45s with him.

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