In conjunction with the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Cultural Affairs and the Mayor’s office, The RightWay Foundation launched its 2nd year of the Creative Career Pathway Program (CCPP). In this program, The Rightway Foundation places emancipated foster youth in paid internships at significant cultural and creative institutions and allow them to explore the art world and launch their careers in the arts.

Read about Annissa’s evolution at Grand Performances below.


As I walked into Grand Performances in February of 2017, I was warmly welcomed by smiles of faces that now mean everything to me.

As Grand Performances’ Marketing Intern I have been given the opportunity to learn all the components that are needed to make summer concerts possible. The archive project was the first task that I was given. The archive project is the collection of all artists that have ever performed at Grand Performances . Tracing back to thirty years ago! As I worked on this project I felt so overwhelmed with the excitement of learning about each concert in each season. Throughout my learning experience at Grand Performances I could feel my excitement for the 2017 season.

As the 2017 season approached I was given the opportunity to learn PowerPoint, Excel, and the components in creating events on the Grand Performances’ website. From cropping photos to uploading the needed information for the 2017 season, every step of the way was something new and exciting. I have never been so passionate about something before. I then suddenly learned more about myself. Not only did I learn that I am capable of accomplishing tasks that I was assigned but that I had passion to gather information about a FREE concert and promote the information I was given. My intentions in promoting concerts was not to do it just because I am an intern but because I genuinely wanted others to experience unforgettable moments because those moments are at their fingertips if only given the opportunity. This passion is seen throughout the Grand Performances’ staff. Everyone comes together with an open mind and heart to accomplish the goal of putting together a memorable day for others. Teamwork and genuine care has not been shown or given in my life.

The openness in culture is needed today and Grand Performances provides a learning experience in something new. As the 2017 season has started I have been able to experience everything that I have read about. Not only am I able to see everything come to life but also meet new people and hear their experience at a Grand Performances event. My favorite moment thus far is seeing the smiles on all of our faces at the end of each concert. I am grateful for my experience at Grand Performances’ concerts. Most importantly I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with amazing colleagues.

—- Annissa Jimenez, Marketing Intern


From GP:  We feel the same! Thank you Dept Cultural Affairs, The Mayor’s Office and The RigthWay Foundation for this opportunity. But mostly, thank you, Annissa, for being a part of the GP family!

Learn more about Anissa’s experience and the experiences from us at Grand Performances in this video.