We have heard, from numerous sources, that Congress and the new president are seriously talking about eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts. Grand Performances’ NEA funding since 1999 only represents about 2% of our annual budget but is very important to us. We, and thousands of other community-oriented non-profits, use federal grants to: seek matching funds; announce to the world that we are part of a rarified group in the arts community that has won major peer approval; and, expand our services to the community. If you believe that there is a role for the federal government in supporting arts for all, then please, contact your Congress member and our two US Senators to let them know you want their support for the NEA. Messages from the public are very important to this fight.

Michael Alexander, Executive Director


Want to ensure the Arts are here to stay? Here are 5 ways you can support the Arts today:

1.Contact your Congress member and US Senators

2.Sign this petition to preserve the National Endowment for the Arts & National Endowment for the Humanities: Click here to sign

3.Support Arts Education Programs this tax season by contributing to KEEP ARTS IN SCHOOLS  on your California State Tax filing

4.Support Arts Education with an Arts License Plate. Go to www.CAC.CA.GOV

5. Support artists and arts presenters by viewing live performances, music, and art!