Never with a canned beer in hand

    We’ve been able to unite with such a large number of people in the past 25 years, it about time we spotlight you, our unparalleled GPeeps. Do you <3 GP? Let us know about it here. This week’s GPeep is a longtime fan and one-time employee, Kristen.

    We know you <3 us, but tell us why we should feature you as one of our GPeeps.

    I’m a longtime fan and one-time worker of GP. I know where Michael Alexander’s clown shoes hang. One time I was working in the benefactor seating segment, and a fellow offered me a container of Corona in return for a seat. I rejectedhim. A can of Corona? What sort of person do I look like?

    Who are you?

    Kristen <3’s GP and I’m a canned beer defamer, time travel addict and lover of community (The idea, not the TV show. Despite the fact that I hear the TV show is great.) My friends would say I’m a decent associate in the fight against a giant juniper hedges and I play a conventional melodica. I’ve been coming to GP for 6 years with my awful self, and when I’m not busting a move on the plaza, you can find me playing Plants vs Zombies some place on the Red Line.

    Where are you?

    Like, at this moment? I’m on my friend’s porch (they designed it themselves! Dang!). I’m drinking a non-alcoholic mimosa. I can see the Griffith Park Observatory from here. I give this porch five stars out of a possible five.
    I would like to see Oh man, a lot of folks, but I’ll name three. Diavolo Dance Theater. Daara J. Dengue Fever. I have no idea why these all start with D. back on the Watercourt stage.

    My go-to picnic goods:

    Strawberries. So many strawberries. Wine. Baguettes and brie. Edamame.

    Here’s how I discovered GP:

    I was covering arts and entertainment for an undergrad publication when I stumbled onto a verse slam in the Marina Pavilion. I thought, “Man, this is absolutely a spot I need to work sometime in the future.” Three years later, I graduated school and joined GP as a development right hand. It was one of my finest moments of follow-through.