This previous weekend we had a Grand Performances’ initial: an on-stage marriage proposal!

    Lester Garcia and Argelia Garcia (yup, they already shared the same last name) met more than eight years ago as community organizers in Boyle Heights.

    The couple had now come to Grand Performances for our Young, Gifted and Nina show in early July. That is when Lester imagined that the atmosphere, downtown skyline, and Watercourt would make the ideal scenery for an engagement. Realizing that their friends from Las Cafeteras were going to perform on our stage later in the month, he worked with them to make a memorable proposal.

    For all Argelia knew, they were simply returning to Grand Performances to support their companions by presenting the song, Luna Lovers. Lester’s perfect plan was solidly set up.

    It worked! She said yes! When asked if the song, “Luna Lovers,” is going to play during their wedding, Lester replied, “It has to!”

    Congratulations to Lester and Argelia! We’re respected to be a part of their love story and want them to enjoy all that life has to offer. Did you know we do wedding on the plaza as well? Hehe 😉



    Lester + Argelia (with tears of joy) backstage right after the proposal. Check out her ring!

    If you’re feeling the love, you can read about another Grand Performances couple, Adnan and Kristeen. They actually met at one of our concerts!